It's A Fuck Yea Kind of Day!

by Marisa Rheem April 01, 2017

It's a Fuck Yea Kind of Day!

Written By: Marisa Rheem



Good morning, y'all!



I'm totally beaming right now -
grinning coffee stained teeth from ear to ear.
Today in the mail I received a surprise present from my King, aka my Dad.

Does anyone else have a parent that TOTALLY GETS YOU?!


He sent me these "FUCK YEA KIND OF DAY" socks with a note that said:


He had no idea how much I honestly need these right now. 
They make me feel motivated to conquer my day and get shit done. 
I'm feeling grateful that my Dad loves the real me.
It's given me some pep in my step this morning.



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Marisa Rheem
Marisa Rheem


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