Totally Obsessed With Bad Tings

by Marisa Rheem April 06, 2017

Totally Obsessed 

Written By: Marisa Rheem



So, I've been totally obsessed with this song "Bad Tings" for a while now because I'm madly in love with DB Bantino's voice. The music video is awesome, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!













 I took some screenshots of my favorite parts of the music video.

This one's hella sweet. It reminds me of that famous Instagram couple who's always holding hands in ridiculously perfect earth places.

 His Instagram: @muradosmann. Her Instagram: @natalyosmann      Their Couple Instagram: @followmeto


Back to the music video screenshots....

 Dirty Hippy Swag Instagram

Marisa Rheem
Marisa Rheem


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