Spilling Paint Bucket - Laser Cut Necklace

I'm a great believer in the dream life. If I can carry without spilling whatever it is that drips into my head in the night to my desk, then that's valuable.” -Andrew Motion

This dreamy necklace is a statement piece designed especially for the painters, the creators, the makers, and the slayers of this world. Whether you’re a hip hop artist, a tattoo artist, a con-artist or a fine artist, this exceptionally popular necklace aims to unleash the creative beast within you. Just like this spilling paint, you are overflowing with creative juices yet your thirst is never quenched. In a life dedicated to self-expression, we challenge you to bring your imagination to the next level: be wild in spirit, messy in practice, and always follow your dangerous ideas. Rock this hand-painted necklace and get reckless in the studio.

This spilling paint bucket is laser cut on alder wood, a gorgeous hardwood that’s been stained and lacquered into a smooth glassy finish. Due to its structural integrity, it maintains its shape without warping or twisting. Kiln dried alder wood is as light as a feather, so you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing it. What does hold weight however is the 100% sterling silver chain that adorns the wooden pendant. The striking contrast between natural woodgrain and precious metal inevitably captivates each passerby, forcing them to double take from their phones as you walk by. Each necklace is carefully hand-painted by the designer using acrylic paint.

  • Chain Material: Sterling Silver
  • Chain Type: Cable Chain
  • Chain Length: 16"   Width: 1.4mm
  • Pendant Material: Alder Wood
  • Pendant Height: 2 3/8"   Width: 1 3/8"   Depth: 3/32" 

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